The best operating system to choose on a mobile device revisited

Mobile operating systems

We believe that in the past we have talked about the best operating system for a mobile phone but today we would like to revisit that with a more updated version. So hence today we will be talking about the three main phone operating systems, the pros and cons of them, and which one is the best.

The three different operating systems are android, windows mobile, and iOS. Below we are going to be highlighting all three of those and telling you which one is ultimately the best one to use. These are all great operating systems as they all have their pros and cons to each one. But today we will be figuring out which one you should choose.  Noticed that this is not a comparison video between phones. This is a comparison between operating systems, not matching specs of devices in any manner. This is because with android and Windows operating systems there are so many different fonts to choose from. The iPhone is the exception because  but only creates one type of phone.

IOS– you may have seen this primarily on the iPhone.  This is Apple’s operating system for the iPhone and it is the signature operating system that they have used for the past 10 years and likely will not change. This is one of the best operating systems in our opinion because of three different reasons. It is very fluid, very sleek, and very sophisticated. iOS really knocks it out of the park with  this operating system because it scores so high in all three of those factors. With the other operating systems the other parts might like a little bit. We have noticed that Apple puts a lot of time into making your operating system really high-quality so that there are no glitches in the system. It has one of the sweetest and best looking designs we have seen to date and The sophistication is unmatched. We say it is very fluid because iOS runs extremely smoothly without any quirks. The only bad part about the iOS system is that it may be a little too simplistic for some people. Sometimes with android, it can be very complex which excites people. Some users really like to dive in and learn all of the specific things that the software does. With Apple it is designed to be simple so anybody can use it. So if you were that type of person;  then we would definitely not recommend it.

Android-android is the operating system that you see on all of the HTC phones and the Samsung galaxy as well. This is a very highly sophisticated operating system, but you want to make sure that it is on a high-quality android phone. Do you want to make sure that if you are getting  Android phone that it preferably be a Samsung galaxy or some sort of HTC. If you buy a lot of the offbrand ones, they will use a cheaper dumbed down version of android that is a little slower. This is because those  phones can’t run the newest version of android.  When you have android running at full capacity on one of the high-quality phones though, it is an extremely awesome interface. It is very good-looking and fluid and sophisticated as well. Android is more of a complex operating system that is better for the technical mind of somebody that likes to customize it as well. You do not have to jailbreak  Android operating system to customize it. One thing with Apple and Windows is that you do not have the option to customize those. Android is really for the person that likes to make it their own and Messer round with the operating system a lot.  It is preferably for the more techie type person who likes to code and really get to know the inns and outs of the software itself.  So if you are a person that has a simple mind and only wants to use it for basic things, then we would definitely not recommend this operating system for you.  The android operating system is very capable of doing a lot of complex thing which is really good if you’re trying to do a lot of work on a phone because these can handle a lot of load. Sometimes with the other operating systems, they might crash if you’re trying to do too much at one time.

Probably the best thing about the android operating system is the marketplace for the apps. Android has the largest and most diverse app market place in the world because they use the Google play store. There are twice as many apps on the Google play store then the App Store on Apple. This means that you’re likely to find a lot more  do you on this phone then you can an iPhone.

Windows phone operating system-this is the operating system that you will see on a lot of the Nokia Windows phones. HTC makes a couple of these phones but they are mainly made by Nokia. This operating system is the lesser of the three because of a few reasons. It is not as sophisticated as  iOS or android because it has not been around as long. The app market place also kind of sucks as well to be quite frank with it.  There are a total of about 100,000 apps on the marketplace and Apple and android go way above that into the millions. It is really sad that the windows marketplace is very small because the operating system just runs so fluidly. If there’s one thing that this takes from the other two, is that it is so simple to use and  Touchscreens on the phones are way more interactive than they are with the two other operating systems.   Your interface is really the one thing that Windows wanted to take away and make their own when it came to an operating system. That is the reason why we would recommend this one over the other two in some cases.

It is really hard to decide which one of the three is the best to choose because they’re also great. But at the end of the day we would have to choose Apple’s operating system because it is so well balanced over all three categories. Android is a little bit more technical but less user-friendly, and windows is very user-friendly but not as capable as the other two.  iOS is a good median between the two because it has all the apps you need in the marketplace and is perfect with user ability and sophistication.

Other than that, all three of these operating systems are great and we would recommend that you pick up any of these.  At the end of the day it really comes down to personal preference.

To dedicate this blog post to Jon over at (Roofing Sacramento CA)because in addition to his roofing company, he also provides a lot of reviews and tests the operating systems for us constantly.

If you are looking for more posts coming soon, then we recommend that you stay tuned because we will be writing more articles very soon.


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The modern day operating systems from 2014 and up

Operating systems

In the last two years, operating systems haven’t really changed drastically. What we mean by this is that they have become more advanced than they ever have. Ever since windows 10 came out, the other  operating systems made a huge jump ahead as well. The difference from windows eight to windows 10 is very significant as the whole operating system was completely redesigned. Windows wanted to make a unique system that nobody had ever seen before and they were able to pull that off very well. Soon after, Windex and Mack OS  followed behind it. iOS for the iPhone actually ended up trumping both Linux and windows because they had completely Revamped their software as well. There’s changed to a completely different layout  when they came out with iOS 9. It went from a very sleek and professional look down to a more simple minded cartoony look, which actually ended up helping Apple in the long run because it attracted more people to the iPhone. It has been a constant battle in the past couple years, because  all three companies have been constantly trying to one up each other coming out with new things every day. Now we are at iOS 10 which is a completely ridiculous system that is so advanced, nobody can match up to it right now. With Google coming out with their new phone though, we expect that it will rival the iPhone.

We will now go over the highlights of each one.

  •  Apple/iOS/Mac OS- this is Apple’s operating system for both the Macintosh  and the iPhone. The strongest take away from this operating system is that it is the sweetest and sexiest operating system out there by far. Apple really did well when they created their new look for their operating system. There is really nothing else that rivals it as they take the lead in this department. Another  highlight about it is that it is a very sophisticated system as well. It is very smart and interactive and is easy to use as well. With some of the other operating systems it is hard to find a user that can be quite adept with it. Did he give a simplistic layout that makes it easy for anybody to use and learn. You could even put a 90-year-old person who’s never seen a phone in their life on it and they will learn it like the back of their hand.
  •  Windows OS-windows is an operating system that runs on computers as well as phones. The types of computers you will see it on is a server, aces, Dell, etc. The only phones you will see this operating system on is a Windows phone. There a different manufactures for those phones such as HTC,  Microsoft, no Kia, and a few other miscellaneous brands. It is a very sleek operating system on the mobile phone and it is very similar to windows 10 on the computer. They try to make their operating systems the same on both devices.  The biggest downfall about a Windows phone now is that it does not have a strong marketplace for apps. Unlike android and iPhone that have basically every app known to man, the windows marketplace only has about 100,000 apps, which most of the good apps aren’t even on so you might as well just go with one of the others if you are an app person.  Besides that, this system is even easier to use than iOS is. And the touchscreens on the phones tend to be a lot more touch sensitive than anything else we have ever seen. It is very sophisticated system as well as it is made by Microsoft which was the first company to ever write an operating system. If you are looking to do work on a phone or computer, then windows  is the way to go. Especially if you’re somebody who’s looking to get a strong working computer on a budget.

check out out this video that talks about the differences between all the different operation systems.

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Our first support group

Hey, and it is the Linux blog and we are back with another post for you guys that will be about our first support group on Lenix that we created. We will be talking today about a first Support group that we created in kind of a story format.

It was back in 2003 when we created our first Linux support group and we started with a lot of people. Back in the early 2000’s is when Lenix started to get really big and more popular than it had been in the past. They had recently made A huge update that’s totally revamped the whole software. It got taken by storm on the media and everywhere else. People started using Linux like crazy and we have never seen such a spike since. We started our group out very small and quickly it grew very very large. We saw some pretty amazing people that joined our support group and were able to help with teaching things. There was One person that really stood out to us and his name was Jake. Jake was somebody who is a very smart and successful man who caught onto Linux very fast. When he joined a support group, he knew nothing about Linux whatsoever. He simply wanted to use it because he thought it was really cool. Jake went from not knowing anything to being the smartest person in our entire group. He even surpassed us the ones who created the group. Eventually went to teaching newcomers in the support group how to use linux. He absolutely loved the software because it was different than anything he had ever seen before. We are glad that Linux was created so that it could stand out to Jake. Jake still uses Linux today here in 2016 and he loves to use his computer that runs off of it. we were talking to him recently and he really likes to use his Linux computer to do everything for his business. He owns a pool building company out in Sacramento California and really likes Linux because it takes care of managing his business very well. Since Jake is our friend we wish that you go visit his page, he would really appreciate that.

In addition to him there were many other awesome people that joined our support group. We still have the Linux support group today and it has turned into one of the largest groups for Linux support in the southern hemisphere. We have over 5000 people in it now, and it’s still growing rapidly. if it were not for guys like Jake and James and Riley, then our support group would not be where it is today.

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Another product review


Hello everybody and welcome back to our blog about software’s and technology. Last time we talked to you about a review of the Apple iPhone 6. Today we are going to get off the topic of Linux and do another product review similar to the iPhone 6 one.  Today we will be covering the product known as the MacBook Pro.

To do we are covering another Apple product and we would love to see that it is the MacBook pro because it is one of the best laptops that is ever been created. One awesome thing about this computer is that you can run Linux on it! That is one of the  biggest factors as to why we are labeling it as one of our picks for technology reviews.

There are so many different reasons why you should buy the MacBook Pro. One being because since it is Apple this computer cannot get viruses. No matter what kind of crap you run it on an Apple Computer, they are securities too high so nobody knows how to create a virus scrips for them.  Even if you’re running Linux on one of these they cannot hack in because the virus protection is built into the hardware of the computer.

  •  Speed- this is one of the biggest reasons as to why we are recommending that you go pick up an Apple MacBook Pro. This is one of the fastest and most efficient computers on the market right now. It does not have the largest our fastest rated processor but it’s processor is more advanced than anything else on the market. This laptop is the bees knees when it comes to speed and there is no other portable computer that can match up to it. Of course there are desk tops  that are much faster, but those types of computers are very expensive.
  •  Price point-everybody knows that Apple products are very expensive and most normal people can’t afford them because each product is at least $1000. We are here to say that the MacBook Pro is actually priced at a very decent level though. Most of the times you will see very nice computers go for as much as $5000.  Although the Apple MacBook Pro is a laptop that is now priced at $999. It’s priced tag used to be about $1700 starting and went up to 3000, but they decided to take the starting price a little bit lower. This is something that is very great because now this computer is affordable too a lot of people.  With an Apple MacBook Pro you will get the experience of a $5000 PC as well because Apple’s computers are just the highest of quality that there is in the world.

That is our short little review for you guys on the Apple MacBook Pro. Once again, we hope that you enjoyed what we had to share with you today and if you want more posts make sure to check back tomorrow because we will be putting up a special article for you guys!

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A review of the Apple iPhone 6s

Today we are going a little bit off topic. I probably forgot to mention that we are a blog that is really about tech things in general, so we will be sharing posts that are other then operating systems such as Linux.  Yes everyone, today we will be talking about an iOS device. Don’t worry though it is not Mac iOS it is iOS for an iPhone.  Phones do not run off Linux so we actually have an exception here. So don’t get mad at us

The Apple iPhone 6s is probably the greatest phone ever to hit this planet. We are not too big on androids because they are just too boring and nobody really likes them.  The iPhone 6s is the most amazing phone to ever hit the market because of all of its crazy cool features. This phone shoots video in 4K for chrissake! There is a big downside to that though and that is that it takes up one gigabyte of memory for everyone second video. Now that is something to watch out for in less you have a phone that is 128 gb.  There are so many different features that the iPhone 6s has that makes it live up to its reputation. We will go over a few of those accessories right now.

The Apple iPhone 6s comes with full HD resolution retina display on the screen. This is the most crisp and clear display out of any other phone that is on the market. The colors are full and vibrant and they popped out in your face when you watch videos or anything on this amazing phone. Another awesome thing about the phone is that it has a very large memory unit on it. They now have a phone that holds 128 GB which is quite the space of memory.

Perhaps the coolest thing about an iPhone 6s is that it is pretty much a mini computer. In some instances this phone will actually run Internet faster than some desktop computers. It is truly an amazing sight to see.   The iPhone 6s is a great phone if you are somebody who likes to do a lot of business and needs to multitask. This phone is built to be very user-friendly and very navigate through so that if you are managing multiple tasks at one time you can do navigation fast and efficiently. Each of us in this blog has an iPhone 6s and we all own businesses and have to do things on our phones frequently.  Apple makes it very easy to do things like set reminders and do things like play music and things of that sort. Another one of the coolest features is Siri and the maps. With this model of iPhone Apple has really improved the way Siri works. She is more interactive than she ever was in the past and is better at answering  questions than before.

Those are the key benefits that we have to share about the iPhone 6s and the 6S plus. If you are a person who is looking for a fun that you will be able to multitask on and run with not a whole lot of effort and brainpower, then this is the perfect phone for you!  We recommend that you go to and check out what kind of models they have.

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Differences between the operating systems

Linux os

Today we will be writing a post that does the comparisons between iOS, windows, and Linux. First off we would like to start by seeing that Linux is a softer that is far superior to these two. There are many reasons why. Why don’t we go over those with the list below.

  •  Linux is faster than iOS and windows. This is something that is very true because Linux is a simple or software that does not have as many complications as the other two. The other software’s are very complex and have a lot of components of them. Therefore,  is going to take up a lot of your computers power to run the software’s. Linux has been proven to actually use 75% less of your computers capacity at one time then iOS or Windows. Now talk about an operating system that really is efficient. since these computers only have to use 25% of their juice, they now have 75% left to put into making sure that the software is running at its peak performance.
  •   Linux looks sleeker-Linux is a very sexy looking operating system because of its sleek and easy design. With this software you were looking at something that is literally a masterpiece.  This is something that is really going to kick apples ass when it comes to looks. We see this because the developers over at Lenix put a lot more time and effort into making their software  look aesthetically appealing to the human  eye.

Overall, we just really suggest that you pick up Linux because it is a software that is really going to save you time and money. It is going to save you money because there are absolutely no viruses with this software. The problem with Mac and Windows is that there are so many viruses out there like Trojans and things like that so you will be paying for expensive virus protection all the time to keep your computer from getting infected. If your computer gets infected with a Trojan virus, that means it is game over buddy. When one of those nasty things gets a hold of your operating system, your computer is going to completely crash. It will be so slow that you won’t even know what to do. You won’t even be able to load a simple YouTube video  let alone run the whole google chrome application itself.   Now, we might be going to that point earlier where you might feel that Linux is very hard to use. Well, we are here to tell you that I thought like that it’s actually preposterous because of the fact that it is actually the simplest.  In the next post we will go over a step-by-step walk-through of how to use Linux, so remember to keep your eyes open

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Lalug Linux Support Group

Here is a video explaining what  Linux is and please watch it to understand.

Hello to our new viewers, we are a blog that was just created. And we are a support group for the Linux operating system. Not a whole lot of people know about this operating system and that’s why we are here to teach Confused people on how to use it. Most people either use iOS or windows, but here we use Linux.  We like this operating system because it is more fluid than any other OS out there. The problem is that not very many people know how to use it because it is not as popular as the others. Just because the popularity is lower does not mean that the others are better though.

The reality of things are that  Linux is actually the easiest software to use out there because it is not as complicated as windows. We view windows as the hardest one to use because there is so much to it, it is not simple find enough for your basic user.  On the contrary though, Linux is very user-friendly and easy for the beginner to understand. The one issue is that there are not very many tutorials because of the fact of what we said earlier of it not being so popular. The reason why the masses have not caught on to this OS  is because it is not a household name like the other two. What is awesome about Linux though is that you can upload the software on top of either Mac or Windows and use them at the same time.  Linux gives you the option to switch back-and-forth from two different operating systems. Your memory will not be discarded either, this software will take the memory from what is on iOS and convert it to itself!  How cool is that?!? That’s right, it is absolutely awesome!

All of that was a tiny explanation of what we are going to be going in depth with you in the future about. So if you’re looking for the ultimate guide to blog on how to use Linux properly, then you’re at the right place. We hope you liked what we had to share today and please come back to our blog tomorrow for another post. Also visit our about the new blog section of the website.

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